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Home Care Connectors believes that our elderly loved ones deserve the best in-home care available during their time of need. We take great pride in the high standard of care we provide to our clients. As owners of a locally established company, we know our certified nursing assistants are a direct reflection of our own values, ethics, and professionalism. And we take that responsibility very seriously. Home Care Connectors offers an in-home healthcare approach that is compassionate, professional and custom-tailored to our clients and their needs. Whether the need is for a few hours a week or 24-hour live-in care, we are here to help. Call us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can provide the right solutions and best caregivers for your needs.

  • Pamela Putnam Smith
    Pamela Putnam Smith
    Google Review
  • Laura Vecchione
    "How can I begin to share the incredibly personalized and professional care and psychological and emotional understanding and responsiveness David, Yorqui and JP provided my family? Elder care is not an exact science. It is an ever-changing landscape that can move fast and furiously with many movable pieces. David and his team of skilled and compassionate aides stayed with us through every curve in the road on terrain that was new for all of us in my family. Adaptive, creative, flexible, hands on. I had worked with another agency whose CEO had met with my parents once, and then never showed up again. David and his team were personally invested and deeply caring. They navigated all the natural resistance independent elders with the anxiety of losing dependence can show in a way that allowed my mother to eventually melt into trust and realize we were empowering her. I remember the first day David came to meet my parents. He treated them with the dignity of the people inside that they always were, and as my father's health and strength deteriorated, David and his team never lost sight of his inner dignity and greatness. They have been and continue to be a blessing to my family. Ethical to the core."
    Laura Vecchione
    Google Review
  • Brenda Spezialy
    "The care and devotion that we received for my parents from David, JP, and Yorqui is something that I still cannot get over. Home Care Connectors is a truly special team of people who are personally invested in taking care of elderly people. The caregivers themselves were professional, loving and vigilant, never letting any change in my parent's conditions go unnoticed or unattended to. if you want to have loving care for your aging parents while maintaining their independence and dignity, contact Homecare Connectors. We tried other agencies. Home Care Connectors is the BEST."
    Brenda Spezialy
    Google Review
  • Judy Fishman
    "This care agency has been excellent to work with. They are providing a male caregiver for my husband, a Parkinson patient, who needs cognitive stimulation and companionship. Jean Julien, his caregiver has strong knowledge of a Parkinson patient's needs and fully engages Jerry in both exercise and games. They are a 5-star agency in my opinion."
    Judy Fishman
    Google Review
  • Melissa K
    "My family could not be more pleased with the services we've received from Home Care Connectors. JP and his team have been incredibly helpful, responsive and flexible in making arrangements for home health care workers to assist my Dad after a recent hospital visit and beyond, as he recovers and copes with an ongoing illness. Moreover, the aids from this agency have all been extremely friendly, professional and trustworthy. Given the sensitive nature of having staff in your home to take care of a loved one amid a difficult situation, this company has made securing quality in-home assistance easy and stress-free."
    Melissa K
    Yelp Review
  • Sara Richter
    We used home care connectors for approximately two weeks. They were extremely helpful and caring. Heather was an integral part of the process. She even stopped by unexpectedly to see how Mort was doing. That left us with a great deal of confidence
    Sara Richter
  • Jane Karp
    I’m so grateful to Home Care Connectors, who swung into action upon hearing that my husband was in the hospital for unexpected surgery and would require 24/7 supervision for at least a week upon his release. Not only were they easy to reach and super responsive to our last minute request, but they were flexible on the start date/time given that his release date moved around a bit. Upon arriving home from the hospital, the owner met us there to personally evaluate the situation and figure out the very best way to meet our needs, along with introducing us to the aid who would take the first shift. Throughout the week, all of the aids provided were high caliber and their support was key to his successful recovery. Highly recommend!
    Jane Karp
  • Rudolf Hanau
    Looking for honesty, openness, efficiency and sincere caring in a home care agency? You'll find it here. I can't imagine better service than I experienced here.
    Rudolf Hanau

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