Our Services in Norwalk, CT

December 7, 2018

If your loved one is living in Norwalk, CT, you can turn to Home Care Connectors for elderly care services. We provide a vast array of home care services for aging loved ones in Norwalk because we understand you worry about them living on their own.

Dementia Care
When a loved one needs an additional level of care, it can be hard to do it all on your own. Let our trained caregivers be there for your loved one during this time.

Driving is usually out of the question for aging loved ones, so we are there to make sure they get to all appointments, and they are able to pick up prescriptions along with groceries.

From light house cleaning to cooking meals, we will be there to help your loved one with the tasks around the home.

Mobility Assistance
Helping your loved one navigate through their own home is comforting because they do not have to worry about tripping over rugs or anything in the walkway. We help your loved ones feel safe in their home with our fall prevention assistance.

We also provide care for those who have suffered a stroke and recovering from surgery. If your loved one has specific requirements, give us a call at (203) 489-0919 to see how we can assist them during their daily routine with our elderly care in Norwalk, CT.

Learn About Dementia Care

November 12, 2018

If your family member is diagnosed with dementia, you might be wondering how you are going to provide the heighten level of care they need. Here at Home Care Connectors, we help families just like yours by bringing experienced caregivers to your loved one’s home. Listed below are just a few activities our caregivers can do to entertain your loved one.

Supervised Walks
Walking around in familiar places outside can be refreshing for your loved one. We’ll accompany them to make sure they are safe at all times. It feels good to get outside, especially if they are unable to get out much on their own. Our caregivers pay extra attention to the weather to ensure the conditions are suitable.

Art Projects
When the weather is not ideal for strolls outside, our caregivers have plenty of art projects for your loved one to stay busy. From scrapbooking to making crafts, our caregivers will pick projects that interest your loved one.

If they’re not feeling up to walking or art projects, our caregivers will be there to connect with your loved one through conversations. Having engaging discussions are beneficial to aging loved ones.

If you would like additional information on dementia care in Darien, CT, please call (203) 489-0919 today.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe During the Colder Months

November 7, 2018

The colder weather is already here, and it will get even colder as winter approaches. The elderly community is at risk when the is a change in temperatures, especially in the winter. Help your loved one prepare for the colder months to keep them safe and warm by reading the tips below.

Warm Clothing
By making sure your loved one has the proper clothing to wear during the winter, you will not have to worry about them being cold. The temperatures can drop quickly, so they should have the right type of clothing to ensure they stay warm.

Your loved one should always have food available in the house, especially if the power goes out. You want your family member to have access to food even when there is no power.

When there is ice on driveways and roads, it is dangerous for anyone to drive. Let our caregivers provide transportation services for your loved one during the winter. We can take them to get groceries, medications, appointments, and more.

We are happy to provide your loved one with care services to keep them safe all winter long. Call Home Care Connectors at (203) 489-0919 for home care services in Greenwich, CT, today.

Our Services for Elderly Care in Norwalk, CT

November 7, 2018

Sometimes our loved ones need a little extra assistance as they grow older and other times they need assistance because of an injury. Regardless of the reason your aging loved one needs help, our caregivers can help with the following:

Dementia Care
It is tough to see your loved one have dementia because they are unable to recall certain parts of their life and even people. Our compassionate caregivers will take care of your family member, so you never have to worry about them being alone.

Stroke & Brain Injuries
If your family member has recently suffered a stroke or a brain injury, they will probably need additional care. Depending on how severe the injury is, they might need extra care for an extended period. Our caregivers have experience caring for individuals with these types of injuries.

Post-Injury Rehab
When someone is out of rehab for an injury, they may need assistance with simple tasks around the house. We can be there to help your loved one with these tasks for as long as needed.

Connect with our team members right now by dialing (203) 489-0919 when you need reliable elderly care in Norwalk, CT, for someone in your family.

Rely on Our Home Care Agency in Greenwich, CT, for Homemaking Services

October 1, 2018

As your mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or family friend ages, you can may see them struggle to complete simple tasks around the house. With a busy work schedule and perhaps a family of your own, we understand that you might not always be there to help out. We have a professional staff that will provide homemaking services for your loved ones. Let us make their day easier and allow us to assist with tasks around the house. Discover below the homemaking services we provide.

Living in a clean home is healthy for your loved ones, but it can be challenging for them to keep up with it all alone. Our caregivers provide light housekeeping services like cleaning the common areas along with the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Receiving the proper nutrition is essential for seniors, which is why we will help plan and prepare healthy meals for your loved one.

Keeping up with laundry is a task many people struggle with, including seniors. We will help with personal laundry along with washing bedding. Our caregivers will also help with making the bed and changing the sheets.

From going to the grocery store, to picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, our caregivers will help run everyday errands that your loved one needs.

Coordinating Doctor Visits
Many seniors face a daunting challenge when it comes to managing their doctors’ visits and PT appointments. Our caregivers, working closely with our office administrators, can handle this on behalf of your loved one.

Speak with a trusted home care agency in Greenwich, CT, by calling (203) 489-0919 to give your loved one the help they need.

Special Care Services for Elderly

October 1, 2018

Caring for aging loved ones is a full-time task because many seniors need additional care. Here at Home Care Connectors, we go above and beyond for our clients because we believe everyone should receive exceptional care. Our team provides the necessary additional care that many other home care agencies do not. Below are a few of our services that are a part of our Special Care services.

Medication Assistance, Supervision and Management
Remembering to take medicine at different times throughout the day can be extremely difficult for seniors. Many of the medications taken by the elderly are vital to their health, which is why it is crucial that they are administered as prescribed by the doctor. Our caregivers understand the importance of this and can assist with medication management.

Feeding Tube Assistance
If your loved one is using a feeding tube, you can turn to our experienced caregivers for help.

Blood Sugar and Insulin Care
When a loved one has diabetes, it is essential that they are monitoring their blood sugar and taking insulin at the right times. Our caregivers will help your loved one monitor their health to ensure they are taking insulin when needed.

When you require reliable elderly care in Norwalk, CT, you can call Home Care Connectors at (203) 489-0919 right now.

3 Reasons to Keep Your Aging Loved One in Their Home

August 29, 2018

When you are confronted with the decision of whether or not your aging loved one should remain in their current home or move into a facility that assists seniors, you might find yourself grasping for advice. Find out three reasons your loved one should stay in their home below.

Typically, your loved one has lived in their current home for many years. Over these years, they have celebrated birthdays with loved ones, spent their days enjoying their favorite hobbies, and enjoyed conversations with family. Your loved one has countless memories in their current home and probably is reclutant to leave it all behind.

Many seniors are comfortable in their home and cannot imagine uprooting their entire life to move somewhere new because they need some assistance. When your loved one remains in their home, they get to stay where they are comfortable.

In-Home Care
What do you do if you want your aging loved one to stay in their home, but they need assistance with specific tasks? The answer to that question is in-home care provided by Home Care Connectors. Our compassionate caregivers provide an array of services, so your loved one can stay in their home.

Call us today at (203) 489-0919 to learn more about our home care services in Greenwich, CT, today.

How We Can Assist Your Loved One in a Wheelchair

August 29, 2018

Many seniors are in a wheelchair because it is difficult for them to walk safely on their own or medical reasons. When your loved one is in a wheelchair, it can be difficult for them to move around the house and accomplish daily tasks on their own. Discover a few things below that we can assist your family member with when you turn to us for senior home care in Norwalk, CT.

Transferring In and Out of the Wheelchair
Whether your loved one is getting out of bed in the morning or needs assistance getting off of the couch after watching their favorite show, you can rely on the caregivers from Home Care Connectors to be there.

Bathroom Assistance
When seniors are in a wheelchair, they may find it challenging to use the restroom without any assistance. Our trained caregivers will safely help your loved one during this process.

Bathing Assistance
Bathing is essential for your loved one, and our caregivers can help them, so they can feel refreshed after bathing.

These tasks might not seem complicated, but for aging loved ones in a wheelchair, it seems impossible. Call (203) 489-0919 to learn more about our senior home care in Norwalk, CT.

3 Reasons We Customize a Personal Care Plan for Your Loved One

July 25, 2018

Providing care for individuals who need assistance is something we are proud to do every day. By customizing a care plan for your loved one, you can have peace of mind knowing they are not struggling to complete daily tasks such as bathing, brushing their teeth or hair, and getting dressed. Take a look at three reasons why we are proud to tailor care plans to each of our clients’ needs.

Receive the Right Care
Every person can accomplish different tasks on their own that other seniors cannot. It is essential that our caregivers evaluate your loved one’s ability to ensure we are providing the right level of care to make your loved one even more comfortable.

Less Risk for Injury
When someone attempts to complete a task on their own, they are putting themselves at risk for injury if they were to fall. Our caregivers are there for your loved one when they need assistance getting dressed, bathing, or both.

Regain Confidence
As your loved one grows older, it can be difficult for them to admit when they need assistance doing a daily task. Our professional caregivers are ready to help your loved one regain their confidence by assisting them with accomplishing these hard tasks and other personal care services in Greenwich, CT.

Inquire more about our personal care services in Greenwich, CT, by calling (203) 489-0919 today.

Check Out the Services We Offer as a Home Care Agency in Greenwich, CT

July 12, 2018

As a home care agency in Greenwich, CT, our caregivers provide excellent, professional care to many individuals. Everyone should be able to live in their homes even if they need a little assistance. At Home Care Connectors, we make it possible for your loved ones to stay where they feel comfortable by aiding them when needed. Check out a list of some of the services we offer below to discover if we can help your aging loved one.

Personal Care
When it comes to personal care, there is a long list of things we can assist with including bathing, changing clothes, brushing hair, oral care, and so much more. We help keep your loved one feeling great with a daily personal care routine.

With light housekeeping services such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, and changing sheets, we can help keep our clients’ homes tidy. We can also prepare nutritional meals for your loved one to enjoy.

Sitting at home all alone can make the days even lonelier, but with our companionship services, your loved one can enjoy engaging conversations, games, and their favorite hobbies. Whether they want to participate in gardening or scrapbooking, our caregivers will make it possible.

Aging loved ones often find it difficult to drive, which is where our transportation services come in to play. We make sure they get to appointments and pick up prescriptions when needed.

Call a trusted home care agency in Greenwich, CT, at (203) 489-0919 to care for your loved one today.

Reasons You Should Turn to Home Care Connectors

June 25, 2018

Finding someone to look after your family member when you are not around can be very overwhelming. You want to hire someone who is qualified, compassionate, and who will provide medical assistance if your loved one requires it. Searching for that person on your own is not an easy task, but fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. Home Care Connectors has experienced, compassionate caregivers who are ready to look after your family member.

Experienced Caregivers
When your loved one needs assistance, you want someone who is qualified to be there for them. Our caregivers have the proper trainer and qualifications to look after your family member.

Variety of Services
Other agencies only provide specific services, but at Home Care Connectors, we assist with an array of services from transportation to feeding tube care and everything in between including dementia care in Norwalk, CT. When your aging loved one needs help with daily tasks or personal care, our caregivers will be there to assist.

Customizable Care Plans
Our team works hard to provide our clients with the services they need depending on the level of care. We can customize care plans for each client because we understand that everyone needs assistance with different things.

Dial (203) 489-0919 to discover how we can assist your family member.

Benefits of In-Home Care

June 25, 2018

As a family member, caring for an aging loved one can be challenging, especially if his or her level of care is constantly changing. When you are trying to balance your responsibilities with providing the exact level of care for your loved one, you will quickly drain yourself. Home Care Connectors understands that there is a need for in-home care in Darien because it is challenging to provide loved ones with the proper care and still maintain your own responsibilities.

Peace of Mind
When you are working, you no longer have to worry about how your loved one is doing because there will be a professional caregiver with them. Caring for a senior citizen is a full-time job, which does not leave much room for you. With our in-home care services, our compassionate caregivers are there to assist 24/7.

Our trained caregivers have experience working with elderly and disabled clients. Our team is filled with registered nurses and caregivers who deliver compassionate care to every individual.

If you are interested in learning more about our in-home care in Darien, you can give us a call at (203) 489-0919 today. Our team will discuss the available options for your loved one with you in great detail.

Special Elderly Care in Fairfield, CT

May 23, 2018

Seniors need different levels of care and our experienced caregivers can provide a variety of services to ensure your loved one’s needs are met. Home Care Connectors provides clients with companion care, transportation, and homemaking. Our team is also qualified to provide clients with specialized services that are tailored to their precise needs. Listed below are just a few of our specialized care services we can help with.

  • Feeding Tube Assist
  • Wound Care
  • Medication Management/Administration
  • Hospice
  • Ostomy & Colostomy Bag Care
  • Blood Sugar and Insulin Care
  • Tracheostomy Care

At Home Care Connectors, we pair our clients with devoted caregivers who can match their level of care. It is crucial for our caregivers and clients to build a lasting relationship because they will be caring for your loved one every day. It can be embarrassing for loved ones to have family members help them with personal tasks, which is why many people turn to an in-home caregiver for assistance.

Depending on the level of care, some of the services above may be referred to a third party healthcare professional. For additional information about our special elderly care in Fairfield, CT, pick up the phone and start dialing (203) 489-0919 right now.

Why Your Loved One Needs Care During the Summer

May 23, 2018

Understanding when an aging family member needs assistance is crucial for him or her to remain in the comfort of their own home safely. The purpose of Home Care Connectors is to unite our compassionate caregivers with older adults who need assistance or in-home care in Darien. Discover why your loved one should have an in-home caregiver this summer.

The senior community is at risk of heat stroke when the temperatures start to rise, especially during the summer. Our trained caregivers can keep a close eye on your loved ones when the temperatures increase during the summer, especially if they are participating in outdoor activities.

When the snow melts and the sun is shining, seniors want to get out of the house and participate in summer activities such as visiting friends or gardening.

Cleaning the House
Most people deep clean their house once the weather warms up. Our team members can help your aging loved one maintain their home year-round. We offer light housekeeping services including vacuuming and dusting.

Protect the seniors in your life by letting our caregivers look after him or her. Reach out to our devoted caregivers by calling us at (203) 489-0919 right now.

Special Care Services Provided by a Home Care Agency in Westport, CT

April 26, 2018

Caring for aging seniors can be a challenge for family members because they are unable to provide the level of care their loved one’s needs. Let our trained caregivers step in to help. We offer a variety of services for seniors including the ones listed below.

Medication Management
Taking the right dosage of medications and at the right time is vital for your loved one’s health. It is common for seniors to forget when they are supposed to take their medications or how much they are supposed to take. You can trust our caregivers to manage their medications.

Bathing and grooming are essential for seniors because it helps them feel good. Our services include assisting with getting dressed, oral care, using the restroom, and brushing hair.

Companion Care
Engaging in stimulating conversation and activities is vital for seniors because it keeps them entertained throughout the day. Our team will participate in seniors’ favorite activities from gardening to cooking favorite meals.

When you are looking for a home care agency in Westport, CT, choose Home Care Connectors to care for your loved one. We can tailor a care plan to meet their specific needs. Call us at (203) 489-0919 to get started today.

3 Ways Our Team Provides Fall Prevention for Seniors in Norwalk, CT

April 26, 2018

When a loved one reaches a certain point in their life, you cannot help but worry about them falling when they are on their own. Our trained staff is here to assist your loved ones by providing fall prevention for seniors in Norwalk, CT. Discover some ways we can help protect your loved one from falling down.

Clear Pathways
There are a couple of reasons that cause seniors to fall down and sometimes it is because there is something in the walkway. It could be the edge of a rug that is not laying correctly or an actual object is on the floor. We can walk through your loved one’s home and analyze the risk factor.

Sitting and Standing
Sometimes seniors sit down or stand up too quickly, which can cause them to fall down to the ground. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors who are ready to sit down or stand up.

Transferring to and from a Wheelchair
Getting out of bed and into a wheelchair can be difficult and often scary for seniors. Our caregivers can assist with this process to help prevent them from falling.

Many seniors fear bathing because of the slippery floors, but our team members can assist with bathing to provide our clients peace of mind.

Discuss options for your loved one by calling Home Care Connectors at (203) 489-0919 right away.

Help Your Loved One Out with Housekeeping Services for Seniors

March 21, 2018

Often, our loved ones struggle with maintaining their home on their own, but do not want to admit it. Let our team members help ease the pressure of keeping their home clean with our homemaking services. Take a look at somethings we can assist your family member with below.

For your family member to maintain their strength, they need to eat nutritional meals every day. We will help with meal preparation and if required, we can also cook the meals.

Light Housekeeping
We understand how keeping a clean house can become increasingly more difficult for aging loved ones. Let us tackle the tasks of vacuuming, dusting, moving items out of the walkway, and more.

We can help with laundry, whether it is clothing or bedding.

Manage Third-Parties
Doing yard work is most likely out of the question for your family member, so they probably have a specific landscaper to maintain their yard. We can communicate on their behalf with landscapers, contractors, pet sitters, and other third-party services that are needed.

If you are eager to learn more about home care services in Greenwich, CT, you can dial (203) 489-0919 right now. We will explain precisely how we can assist your loved one.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Home Care Agency in Greenwich, CT

March 21, 2018

As your parent or grandparent ages, it can become more difficult for them to accomplish simple tasks around the home. When family members cannot provide the level of care their loved ones need, then they seek out a home care agency they can trust.

Dedicated Employees
Our team is made up of nurses, registered caregivers, therapists, and CNAs, who are ready to look after your family member. We believe people thrive with one-on-one care in their own home. Our caregivers are determined to help your loved one maintain their quality of life.

Variety of Services
Our services include companion care, senior transportation, homemaking, personal care, fall prevention, specialized care, and more. From meal preparation to medication management and everything in between, we will deliver exceptional care.

Peace of Mind
When you live out of state or are unable to provide the level of care your loved one needs, you want to make sure they are being looked after. By hiring Home Care Connectors to care for your family member, you can have peace of mind knowing they are not on their own.

Turn to Home Care Connectors when you need a home care agency in Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with our team members by calling (203) 489-0919 for additional information about how we can help your aging loved one maintain their current lifestyle without leaving their home.

What Does Personal Care Include?

February 27, 2018

When your loved one needs assistance throughout the day, you need to make sure there is someone there to help them if you are unable to be there. Not everyone can take care of their aging parents or family members 24/7, so people often turn to a home care agency in Greenwich, CT. Every person needs a different level of care and at Home Care Connectors, we can assist everyone’s needs. Listed below are just a few personal care services we can provide to your loved ones.

Taking a bath or shower is a simple task, but it can be dangerous for aging loved ones. The risk of falling is very high when there is water involved, but our trained caregivers can assist with bathing.

Dental Care
This includes brushing teeth or dentures. Our caregivers can remind them and assist with the actual brushing.

Brushing one’s hair can be a difficult task, so our caregivers can help. We can even help with their skincare routine.

Changing Clothes
Getting dressed can be challenging for some people, which is why we are trained to help individuals change clothes safely.

Assistance Using Bathroom
Some people are unable to use the restroom by themselves, so we can help with this too.

To inquire about our other services, you can give us a call at (203) 489-0919 today.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

February 21, 2018

We understand you worry about your aging loved ones, especially when you cannot be there with them all of the time. Let us step in and help care for your family members. We provide a variety of services that will help keep loved ones safe, healthy, and happy.

Fall Prevention
Our caregivers can pick up items that are in the middle of walkways to ensure your loved one doesn’t trip. We can also assist with walking, transferring from a seat to a wheelchair, and other safety precautions.

Sometimes our loved ones can be forgetful and it can leave them vulnerable. Our caregivers can lock up the house by checking all the doors and windows. We will double check to make sure the oven, space heaters, and other appliances are turned off.

Keeping your loved ones safe and healthy is a priority, but we also want to keep them happy which is why we offer companion care. By having someone to talk with and do activities with, your family member doesn’t have to sit at home alone.

Reach out to our home care agency in Greenwich, CT, by calling (203) 489-0919 and discover how we can help care for your family member.

3 Benefits of Senior Transportation in Greenwich

February 5, 2018

Many seniors want to get out of the house, but are unable to drive themselves which causes them to sit at home all alone. Here at Home Care Connectors, we provide senior transportation in Greenwich to make it easy for the elderly to get from place to place. Listed below are just three benefits of our transportation service.

Our caregivers can drive your loved one to their healthcare appointments. It can be difficult for a family member to take off of work and drive them to a doctor’s office. That’s when our caregivers can step in and help out.

Grocery Shopping
If your loved one needs transportation to the local grocery store, we can drive them. It is essential that your family member can buy groceries when they need it. We can also drive our clients to the pharmacy, so they can fill their prescriptions in a timely manner.

Hair Dresser
Looking good can help seniors feel better, which is why we offer transportation to a hair salon.

The caregivers at Home Care Connectors want to help your loved one regain their freedom by offering senior transportation in Greenwich. You can request more information about this service by calling us at (203) 489-0919 today.

3 Activities Included in Companion Care

February 5, 2018

Your loved one does not have to spend days alone anymore because we offer companion care in Greenwich. It is essential to one’s health to have contact with other people. Spending time with another person can lift your loved one’s spirit. Take a look at just three of the many activities included in companion care.

Our caregivers will play games with your loved one including cards, crosswords, puzzles, and other brain games. Fun times are just around the corner for your family member when you turn to Home Care Connectors for companion care in Greenwich.

Simply engaging in conversation with someone can be very comforting for your loved one. Our caregivers will bond with their client through conversation.

This is a great hobby because it allows your loved one to remember beautiful parts of their life. Our caregivers can assist with the scrapbooking process by helping locate photos. The conversations about the memories can also be very uplifting for your family member.

Companion care is very broad because every person prefers to do a different activity. If you are curious about what other activities would count as companion care, you can give us a call at (203) 489-0919 right now.