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Remembering to take your medication is an essential part of recovery. Our caregivers will help make sure that you or a loved one never miss a dose of medication. When a client chooses medication reminder services from Home Care Connectors, our caregivers can provide reminders to ensure that medications are taken on time and at the prescribed dosage.

Elderly woman and caregiver sitting near window with glass of water as caregiver provides medication reminder services.
Photo from behind of male caregiver guiding his client outdoors while the client holds on to his walker.

Our Caregivers Go Above and Beyond

Home Care Connectors was founded on the premise that no one should lose their home, independence, or dignity due to their inability to care for themselves. Our medication reminder services are just one small piece of what we offer to clients, but are a critical component of our in-home services.

While these reminders are essential to the well-being of our clients, there are so many other activities and services that promote independence as well as companionship.


“Home Care Connectors is the ultimate in professional, caring, and coordinated assistance in the home. Whether it be post-surgery, chemotherapy, or aging in place, this is the best available. Starting with the owner, JP sets the tone and high standard of excellence, caring, competence, and attention to detail. All the aides that I have had were exceptional, different in many ways, but each capable and caring.My favorite aide is Monica F., who loves to cook, and since I love to eat, it was a great match. Her positivity and sunny outlook were contagious, as is her energy. Also a favorite of mine is soft-spoken Angela J, whose quiet manner belies a strong personality and hefty experience which shines when the situation demands action.I highly recommend Home Care Connectors. You can rest knowing they are working in your best interest. Angela S.”

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