Giving Your Loved One Someone to Be With

We help clients maintain familiar routines and daily structure; this reduces the anxiety and behavior issues that often accompany dementia. Our caregivers actively engage clients in art projects, music, conversation and supervised walks – all of which create a supportive and comfortable environment for those entrusted to our care.

Why Is Companionship So Important?

When family and friends cannot always be around, your loved one may start feeling lonely and isolated. Depression is common in the aging population as seniors may be more bound to their homes. As their children grow up and have their own families, their friends have passed, or their mobility is more limited, seniors start to lose the social interactions and connections they once had. Our in-home senior caregivers can help support your loved one's social needs by becoming a great companion to them. We strive to keep your loved one engaged to reduce feelings of loneliness.

We offer a variety of activities including art projects, music, conversation, supervised walks, playing games, and more. Art projects can be a satisfying experience while also stimulating the senses. These projects may trigger long-forgotten memories in clients with memory loss. Art also helps improve physical and motor skills, as well as alleviates pain, stress, and depression. Listening to music or singing along with familiar songs can promote relaxation. It can also enhance communication improving cognition and language abilities.

Taking walks together is another way we help provide companionship to our clients. Walking will not only help reduce blood pressure, but it helps strengthen bones, reduces anxiety or depression, improves energy levels, and improves balance. It is a great way to get out and socialize with your friends and neighbors as well.

At Home Care Connectors, we strive to provide your loved ones with the companionship support they want and need.

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