Mobility Assistance & Safety Supervision

Do You Worry About a Loved One’s Safety?

It is normal to be concerned about an elderly loved one, especially if they live alone. Keeping our clients safe is our foremost priority. Our certified nursing assistants are trained and experienced in fall prevention, transfers, and bed positioning techniques. Our caregivers prevent wandering as well as protect against the misuse of household appliances, cleaning supplies, and tools.

What We Can Do for Your Loved One

  • Assistance with transferring from a seated position to standing or wheelchair (both physical and mechanical)
  • Ambulation assistance (walking, wheelchair, walker)
  • Feeding
  • Documentation of food intake and urinary/bowel functions
  • Household security, including the locking of doors/windows and turning off appliances/equipment such as the oven, space heaters, dryer, etc.

Contact Us!

To discuss the options for your loved one, call the leading home care agency in Fairfield County, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We conveniently offer assistance to seniors as an hourly service as well as through a live-in plan when required.

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