Mobility Assistance & Safety Supervision

Senior Mobility Care Services

It is normal to be concerned about an elderly loved one, especially if they live alone. Keeping our clients safe is our foremost priority, which is why we specialize in senior mobility care. Our certified nursing assistants are trained and experienced in fall prevention, transfers, and bed positioning techniques. Our caregivers prevent wandering as well as protect against the misuse of household appliances, cleaning supplies, and tools.

What We Can Do for Your Loved One

Assistance with transferring from a seated position to standing or wheelchair (both physical and mechanical) - Taking care of a loved one at home can be emotionally and physically challenging. Depending on their needs, your loved one may need assistance transferring from a chair to a wheelchair or getting out of bed. Our team has learned the techniques that will make this easier for you and your loved one. We can teach you the proper techniques to make sure you and your loved one aren't injured. While we encourage clients to do as much as they can, and allow them plenty of time to do so, we are always next to them, assisting when we can.

Ambulation assistance (walking, wheelchair, walker) - We strive to help our clients get on their feet and start walking with some degree of help. After surgery, or for those who are bedridden, your muscles and body may become stiff and weak. Our team has learned the proper techniques and is familiar with walking equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Moving and walking will help improve blood circulation, increase appetite, and helps clients recover quicker.

Feeding - Good nutrition is important to maintain long-lasting health, especially in seniors. Improper nutrition can weaken the immune system, leaving seniors vulnerable to illnesses and infections. Our in-home senior caregivers help your loved ones eat a balanced diet and assist those clients who have difficulty feeding themselves. We work with you and your loved ones to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition needed to live a sustainable life.

Documentation of food intake and urinary/bowel functions - Our in-home senior caregivers keep documented notes when it comes to nutrition and urinary/bowel functions. These notes can provide some insight to you and your loved one's doctors, especially when they are not feeling well. These notes can help doctors and specialists become more aware of health issues and determine if they may be developing conditions that often come along with old age. growing older.

Household security, including the locking of doors/windows and turning off appliances/equipment such as the oven, space heaters, dryer, etc. Our caregivers are there to help your loved ones make sure their home is secure and appliances and other equipment are turned off. This may give you the peace of mind you are looking for when it comes to making sure your loved one is safe and free from danger when you cannot be there.

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To discuss the senior mobility care and safety options for your loved one, call the leading home care agency in Fairfield County, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We conveniently offer assistance to seniors as an hourly service as well as through a live-in plan when required.

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